I’ve lost that running feeling, but I think it’s coming back!

This time last year I was furiously prepping for the Rouge Orleans Ultra Marathon relay and checking the course map for Rock’n’Roll New Orleans half marathon. This year, instead of being a running beast, I’m focused on my new masters swimming classes and thinking about triathlon season.

I think I’ve lost some of my running mojo. Although I’m still planning on doing the 2013 RnRNOLA half, it’s been a struggle to get up and run. I’m happy to report that I had my best run of the year last night – a four miler around LSU campus “with” the Varsity Sports running group. I use quotation marks around “with” because less than three miles into the four mile run, I couldn’t see anyone I had started with and finished the route alone.

The sweet Rock'N'Roll New Orleans training tee I scored from Varsity Sports BR!

The sweet Rock’N’Roll New Orleans training tee I scored from Varsity Sports BR!

But I did join the RnRNOLA after party and picked up an awesome training tee! I think this will be my race day shirt. It was a good run, certainly slower than my best, but not bad to getting back into it after basically two+ months off. My goal for the next four weeks before the half is to build up my runs. I’d like to get in five miles this weekend, seven miles next weekend and nine miles the weekend of Feb. 9-10. I’m running the Mardi Gras Mambo 10k (my favorite race of the year) on Feb. 16th, the day after my 32nd birthday, which will be a great taper leading in to RnRNOLA. I feel like a couple of runs a week, plus at least two swim classes a week and the occasional bike ride will have me in decent half marathon shape.

Back to race day, I just booked for race weekend a great little rental house a couple of blocks off Esplanade and just a mile from the finish line. One of my best friends is coming to New Orleans from Dallas for the trip and I can’t wait to spend the weekend and run with her!

nor13_115x115If you are still thinking about signing up for Rock’n’Roll New Orleans, it’s not too late, AND my $10 discount code still works! Use ROCKNOLA1 when you register.

Also, I’m giving away RnRNOLA tees on Twitter. Tweet me what motivates you to run (something I’m in need of) and you have a good chance of winning a tee!

I’ll be back soon with more details about my masters swim class. I’ve been twice now and LOVE being in the water. Here’s hoping I don’t get chlorine overload.

*I blogging about my training experience for Rock and Roll New Orleans half marathon and in return, I’ve been compensated for my registration.
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