It’s Running Season!

It’s officially Fall and definitely getting cooler here in south Louisiana. That means lots more running! I found myself dreading running at the height of summer and sticking to the bike as much as possible. But now, it is running season and every day with cooler temperatures is good running weather.

Race Schedule

The Woman’s Half Marathon is sponsored by the local “women and babies” hospital.

I’m incredibly excited about what I so far have planned through February. I’m definitely doing the inaugural Woman’s Half Marathon on December 9th.

While I hear that a few guys have signed up, it will be 13.1 miles through Baton Rouge surrounded by hundreds of female runners. I know from Rocketchix Triathlon how incredible and positive these gender-centric races can be, so I’m pretty pumped.

I’m also signed up for the Rock’n’Roll New Orleans half marathon on February 24th. #RnRNOLA was my first half marathon ever (check out my recap from 2012) and I knew I wanted to run it again.

Wow! I was chosen as a Rock’n’Blogger!

It’s an amazing 13.1 miles through beautiful New Orleans streets. Even more fun is that I was selected to be a Rock’n’Blogger for the Competitor Group, which puts on the Rock’n’Roll marathon series. A friend recommended me after Competitor Group’s PR team reached out to her.*

I’m incredibly excited about this opportunity to promote a race I really loved running last year (it inspired my blog, actually), as well as share my training experience with everyone (which I would have done anyway; let’s be serious). In return for blogging, tweeting and Facebooking about my training experience over the next few months, I receive compensated entry into the race, and more importantly, a discount code to offer to readers.  (Use code ROCKNOLA1 when you register to save $10.) The half marathon is $90 and the full is $95 (before discount) until October 31st.

I have not yet decided on other, shorter races this season. I’ll definitely be doing some kind of Thanksgiving week race, but my plans aren’t in stone yet as to which state I’ll be in for T-Day, so I definitely haven’t narrowed down races. If you are in Baton Rouge on Saturday, November 24, I recommend Goldenfliers, a 5 or 10 mile race around the LSU lakes. (Here’s my 2011 recap.)

I’m sure I’ll do the Mardi Gras Mambo 10K here in Baton Rouge again on February 13th.  I seriously love that race, as evidenced by my 2012 recap. The 2013 race will be eight days before #RnRNOLA and a great taper.


As for training for all this running? I’ve been attending a free Varsity Sports half marathon training group three times a week for the past couple of weeks. With my first half marathon, I concentrated on distance; I hope that my experience with the Varsity group will add speed as well as endurance (which, frankly, I need to rebuild).

It’s a great group so far. The runs are broken into beginner, intermediate and advanced groups. I ran for about a week with the beginner group and have since moved myself into the intermediate group. I’m by far one of the slowest people, which is only a problem when we run routes I’m not used to, which happens a lot. A really cool thing about the Varsity group is that every run is different and many are in places I’ve never run, or at least a few streets I’ve never run. There is also a lot of tempo training, pickups and etc., that is all new to me too.

More updates on the run group as it progresses. I’m also still cycling as a great cross training tool and need to get back to some kind of weights routine.

*Thanks Erin!

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One Response to It’s Running Season!

  1. kristynkg says:

    Congratulations on being selected and earning that free race entry! I have to admit that I am a little jealous! A free race entry is like Christmas to me 🙂 I am looking forward to hearing more about your training. I am running the Gulf Coast Half in Mandeville in a couple weeks, but may pick up a spring half and would love to work on speed for my next one.

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