Hiking in Mississippi

Posing for a portrait at Clark Creek.

A last minute invitation led to adventure this weekend. Meghan and Frank invited Josh and me to go hiking at Clark Creek Natural Area in Pond, MS, about ten miles north of the Louisiana border.

Clark Creek is a rugged hike. You can stay on the gravel improved trails, but still encounter lots of hills. Or you can climb (literally) down to the creek bed and explore waterfalls, climb over rocks and fallen trees and navigate the shallow creek. And at the end, there is a series of massive hills to climb to get back to the parking lot. Oy! Our adventure, in pictures, is below.

On top of the first waterfall we encountered. We then climbed down and started to hike the creek bed.

Josh at the top of our first waterfall, easily the largest waterfall on the trail.

Climbing is definitely required. This is not a hike for the non-physically fit.

After climbing there is goofing off. The pic is funnier if you knew there is a two-inch deep creek separating us.

More climbing… There was more water than I’ve ever seen at Clark Creek, so the rocks were slippery and there was a lot of mud!

Frank, Meghan, Rocky the wonder Cocker Spaniel and Josh on top of another waterfall. The topography is really amazing, considering we were just 60 miles north of flat Baton Rouge.

Rocky was in his element!

We had a fabulous time and will definitely be back. We’re also talking about other adventures (more hiking, canoeing, etc) we can try out now that the worst summer heat is over.

Oh, and something really cool happened this week, too. I’ll have details next week, but here’s a hint:

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One Response to Hiking in Mississippi

  1. Looks like y’all had a fantastic time hiking and being active! I need to check out something like that around Dallas since we’re finally settling in here. And I can’t wait for next week and your announcement! I hope you’re doing well, lady!

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