Checking on my Rocketchix goals

One of the best things about Rocketchix 2012 was this sticker I received at the finish line along with my medal (and a drinking glass). I put the sticker on my car before I even left the parking lot. I’m as proud (or prouder) of it than my 13.1 magnet. Also, who doesn’t love what is basically a medal for everyday?

I made some goals for Rocketchix 2012, hoping to improve upon on my 2011 times. Let’s see how I did:

Event 2011 2012 Goal 2012 Actual
Swim 8:04 Under 8:00 7:44
T1 4:43 Under 2:30 2:27
Bike 47:34 Under 45:00 40:00*
T2 2:54 Under 2:00 1:07
Run 21:53 Under 20:00 21:53

*2011 bike course was 12 miles; 2012 bike course was just 11.3. However, I believe I would have achieved my goal.

Overall, a huge improvement! I cut 20 seconds off my swim time, took nearly half the time in T1, roasted the bike course, and spent nearly a third of the time in T2… And then came the run. I’m amazed that I managed to complete the run in EXACTLY the same time as last year, down to the second. I’m super pumped how much my transitions improved and really proud of my swim and bike times. I averaged 17 mph on the bike, according to my chip times. I didn’t even think my bike could go that fast!

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One Response to Checking on my Rocketchix goals

  1. Incredibly proud! Great form during the swim, and you rocked those transitions.

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