Race Pace Training


Bubbles! It’s so much fun to celebrate with friends!

Great weekend! Friday night was all about celebrating a friend’s new dream job. There was champagne and amazing food – short ribs, lamb carpaccio, popcorn with rosemary, a cheese plate, pomme frites, croque monsieur and an amazing chocolate torte at Blend, a great new wine bar in Baton Rouge.

Thank goodness I had three friends with whom to share all that bounty, or I probably would have still been in a food coma when I was supposed to be out riding my bike Saturday morning.

My Saturday training ride was again at Alligator Bayou, but was easily my BEST training ride ever! My goal was to stay at race pace for the entire 13.5 miles and then hit the ground for a quick brick. Check out that pace that Runkeeper tracked for me below!

Saturday, July 14 Alligator Bayou ride

Check out that speed! That’s super fast for this slow trier!

If I can hold that kind of speed during Rocketchix, I’ll definitely be under my 45 minute bike goal! My run brick afterward wasn’t quite as spectacular. Friday night’s champagne and my tough bike ride caught up with me. Slow and plodding, but I got it done.

The rest of Saturday was all about having fun. I met friends to see a local production of Legally Blonde: The Musical and spent the rest of the day singing the chorus to this song. Saturday night Josh and I checked out Art Melt, an annual statewide art competition hosted downtown.

Sunday, I attended the Tiger Aquatics Rocketchix swim clinic at the LSU Natatorium, e.g. the Rocketchix swim course. It was run by Tiger Aquatics Masters coach and Fitbirds Fitness founder Anne Shawhan. I absolutely loved it. It is so different to swim the 50 meter pool instead of the 25 meter pool, but it was a million times better than swimming at the Y. I really hope to join the Tiger Aquatics Masters team in the coming months.

Anne had great tips on kicking, a couple of drills and great race day hints. The best part was the 350 meter time trial. I got to practice pushing off the wall at an angle and got a great idea of where I need to seed myself. And again, I found that at race pace, I should be well under my goal time. I plan to seed myself around 7:15 (well under my eight minute goal).

So yay! Great training weekend and I’m super pumped to work hard this week before tapering a bit next week before the race.

  • Today — weights and run
  • Tuesday – swim
  • Wednesday – bike
  • Thursday – rest
  • Friday – weights and run
  • Saturday – bike/run (and possibly swim)
  • Sunday – swim
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