Prepping for Rocketchix & making goals

Rocketchix LogoRocketchix is just 16 days away! I’m so excited about my third triathlon! This will be the second time I’ve done the Rocketchix sprint tri. It’s a 350 meter swim, 12 mile bike and 2 mile run; perfect distances for this slow trier.

I’ve been prepping as much as work and my social life will allow. I’ve started a weightlifting program (more on that in a later post), which cuts a little into cardio time, but I can tell it’s making me stronger, even just four weeks into the six to nine month program.

Here’s what I have been up to: Weightlifting twice a week + cardio (either treadmill or bike) after weights. A run or some other  cardio at least once a week, not including bike rides on Wednesday nights with my regular group. Last Saturday, I went to my first Rocketchix training ride out at Alligator Bayou. It’s a 13. 5 mile ride that I combined with a two mile run brick. I plan to continue that ride for the next two Saturdays before the race. I need to get in several more swims, since the weather and my own innate laziness has kept me out of the pool. I’m headed to the Rocketchix swim clinic Sunday (hopefully).

Tri-suited Up!

Tri-suited Up!

I also got fully tri-suited up yesterday, thanks to Varsity Sports here in Baton Rouge. They hosted a sale for Rocketchix participants last night and my awesome new Varsity-branded tri top was 20% off! Check me out! Combined with the Danskin tri bottoms I picked up on Amazon earlier this year and a new swim cap (I lost mine a few months ago), I’m ready to get my swim/bike/run on!

So, now that I’m appropriately attired, I’m making goals. Last year, Rocketchix was my very first triathlon and I didn’t go in with any goals except to finish and not be last! I definitely wasn’t last; I came in 208th out of 268th. Not bad for my first time, but I do hope I can improve upon my times, especially in transition!

Event Last year Goal
Swim 8:04 Under 8:00
T1 4:43 Under 2:30
Bike 47:34 Under 45:00
T2 2:54 Under 2:00
Run 21:53 Under 20:00

As you can see, I can make a huge impact in my transition times. Last year, I swam in a janky old speedo, then pulled bike shorts, a sports bra and a top over it (no way I can run with just a swimsuit supporting me). That, plus not knowing exactly where I was going to get out onto the bike and run courses, took a lot of time. I’m hoping my new tri kit will eliminate a lot of that extra time. Plus, I plan to check out the bike and run entrances BEFORE the race. Knowing where I’m going should be a big benefit.

As far as my swim/bike/run times, I’m realistic. I performed way above expectations last year. And while I’m stronger and fitter than last year, I’m not sure I can improve upon my times. I’d be happy to shave off a few seconds from each. We’ll see about that. If I hit my goals, my total time should be around 1:17. That’s eight minutes off of last year’s time!

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  1. Janky is an awesome word. You are going to kick so much butt!

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