DNS – Did Not Start

I was excited about this race. The bike took you over the Crescent City Connection and back. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Did Not Start… That was me this Sunday. I was supposed to be in Gretna at the Bridgeman 104 duathlon. Instead, I was curled up in bed, sleeping late and resting a sore knee.

Rewind – About a week after returning from Ohio, I came down with a monster cold. There were two full days spent on the couch, multiple naps and lots of snot (gross, I know) over the next two weeks. The upshot was two weeks of no running, no cycling, no swimming. Combine that with days of gross weather and more predicted for Sunday, I was already on the fence about the race.

My decision to not wake up at 4:00 a.m. to drive to Gretna was cemented after a two mile run on Saturday ended with knee pain that developed in the hours after I completed it. Walking down the stairs hurt, as did standing too long. So, in the interest of recovery and a slow rebuild, I decided not to race.

Sunday, my knee felt better and I plan to start rebuilding today or tomorrow. Maybe a slow, short run combined with a walk? Also to deal with from here on out – the hot, muggy Louisiana summer. Time to start waking up EARLY! In fact, I have a Saturday morning running date with a couple of friends already set up.

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