Girls on the Run 5k/Cinco de Derby

No post last week… I can’t say that I was great at fitting in many workouts. I hit the gym one morning and managed a swim on Thursday. Rain canceled my Wednesday night bike ride. But I made up for it on Saturday with the most miserable 5k of my life.

Girls on the Run Baton Rouge 5K

Vital Stats:
Date: Saturday, May 5, 2012
Place: Baton Rouge
Total time: Technically not timed. Stopwatch read 36:06:00 (About 12:00/mile)

Actually 82°s, felt like 87°, 73% humidity… Ugh.

Saturday, I completed the Girls on the Run of Greater Baton Rouge annual 5k. Girls on the Run is a great group that uses running to inspire girls in 3rd to 8th grade to live healthy lives, not just physically, but emotionally as well.

It’s a great race that I was happy to take part in, but, man, it was WAY TOO HOT! Check out the temperature reading I screen capped during the run. At 9:19 a.m., it was 82°, felt like 87° and humidity was hovering around 73%. The race started at 9:00, which was great for sleeping in a little, but too late to be out running, especially when hundreds of the runners were 3rd to 8th grade girls (and lots of little brothers and sisters, from what I could tell).

Admittedly, south Louisiana temperatures in May – September are not conducive to running outside and I’ve already moved most workouts indoors or to the pool. But I was game for a good cause, and Josh was happy to provide excellent race support, as always.

Loved seeing all the girls in their bright shirts and tutus!

Josh and I met my friend/Girls on the Geaux teammate Jenn, her hubby and youngest son at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. The center has a fun 3.1 mile course laid out. It starts on a concrete sidewalk that winds around a series of buildings. Eventually, the course turns into a dirt path under a canopy of trees (ah, blessed shade!), before hitting sidewalk again to head around a lovely lake to the finish line.

The race, which is graduation for the girls in the program, was untimed, but my stop watch told me I completed the first mile in 10:47, including a lot of weaving around walkers and jog strollers. However, the heat and my lack of real training lately took its toll. Mile two clocked in around 12:00 and mile three was just over 13:00.

During mile 3, I passed a couple walking the course who basically were telling themselves “never again.” I commiserated with them and told them to try another race in fall, as it was far too hot out there (“far too hot” was my tagline for this race). Girls on the Run and their partner, Claim Your Journey, did a great job dealing with the heat. Four water stops had tons of volunteers handing out cups and a huge baby pool was full of water and drinks at the end. Check out the great video from Claim Your Journey that really captures the event!

Food truck brunch

Josh and I split an Italian sausage po-boy from Curbside Links and cheese grits, poached eggs and sausage slices from Ignatius Reillys.

I hit the finish line and picked up my medal. I love getting medals, even for a 5k, but I forgot to take a picture. Josh found me and delivered a Powerade (electrolytes were much in need). I ended up dumping a bottle of water over my head to bring my core temperature down.

With my body returning to normal, Josh and I headed out to the Saturday food truck brunch, just a couple of blocks away from the race. Food trucks are a big thing in Baton Rouge and it was a delicious post race meal.

Then it was a quick turnaround for our next event of the day — a crawfish boil at a friend’s house. There was beer, crawfish, friends and not enough chairs to go around, but we had a lot of fun anyway… And then it was off to event #3!

Cinco de Derby!

Christina, me and Kelly show off our derby hats!

Our friends Kelly and Spell hosted us for Cinco de Derby. Hats were not required, but encouraged and a hell of a lot of fun. We ate delicious things, made silly bets on the race (I owe Christina a bottle of wine after her horse, “I’ll Have Another,” won the whole shebang). Post-derby, we walked over to the neighborhood hipster bar for (more) drinks. All in all, a good day for racing — 5k or horses.

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