I haven’t forgetten about Slow Trier

Ah! I have a blog! And by that I mean that I didn’t forget about it, even though it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted for real. It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Two more weekends of travel, rain keeping me off the roads (bike and run), losing my swim cap and goggles, work picking up and lots of social engagements make for not much time devoted to triathlon.

Easter meant a weekend at my parents’ house doing crosswords, eating cookies and playing cards and working on a project. Men and power tools = fun and scary!

Josh and I at French Quarter Fest in New Orleans the weekend after Easter. It’s a weekend of food, sun, booze and music! I overindulged in all four…

Last weekend, Josh, a few friends and I headed down to New Orleans for French Quarter Fest.

In my opinion, it’s a better festival than Jazz Fest. Good bands, great food and cheaper than Jazz Fest (entrance is free, actually). I love that it’s centered in the French Quarter, so when you’re sick of the sun, it’s easy to escape into an air conditioned bar.

The weather was perfect and the food and drinks were plentiful. Exactly what I want in my New Orleans weekends!

Food is a major part of French Quarter Fest for my friends and me! Left: Dough boys from Blue Dot Donuts – basically a po-boy on a donut long john. Delicious! Right: Croque Monsieur from Luke, where we headed for a late night dinner on Saturday. It’s an amazing John Besh restaurant that I highly recommend.

In short, an amazing but exhausting weekend. We walked five or six miles around the Quarter and to and from our hotel in the Warehouse District. We ate too much, spent too much time in the sun and, overall, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Now that I’m back in Baton Rouge, though, it’s time to get busy. I knew Spring would be hectic and that I’d have to fight to get workouts in. It didn’t help that I managed to lose my swim goggles and cap, a very distressing experience. I’ve got new goggles, but haven’t made it into the pool yet. Maybe Thursday. Tonight is Wednesday night bike group and I’m hoping that the weather stays clear. I’ve skipped the past few weeks because it’s been wet and I don’t do slick, dark roads on my bike (call it self-preservation). I’m actually in town for the next few weekends and plan to get some long bike rides and decent runs in, working around yard work and a couple of home improvement projects. Man, I’m tired already.

On the plus side, I did help convince a Twitter friend to do Rocketchix II in July. I can’t wait for that race! Even with my inconsistent training so far, I know I’ll blow last year’s time out of the water.

On a sidenote, I’m eating a banana right now. How awesome are bananas when they are at the perfect point of ripeness? Delicious!

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2 Responses to I haven’t forgetten about Slow Trier

  1. Stacie says:

    Lemme know if you want to steal a cap for a while. I have one that I can actually give an exact location for right now! lol. AC begged for it when she was doing Novice swimming at Crawfish, but she won’t use it much if at all, so you are welcome to it. I know they are not easy to just pick up casually, so if it saves you a trip let me know.

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