When Foodies Go Camping

I spent the weekend at Cypremort Point State Park on Louisiana’s Vermilion Bay. My friends and I ate too much, drank too much and got a little too much sun. Oh! And two of us got engaged! Congrats Meghan and Frank!

Some pictures from the weekend….

The cabins were spacious and decently appointed for state park accommodations. They were rebuilt after Hurricane Rita and are in great shape. (Photo by Kelly)

I was not awake for sunrise, but my fab friend Kelly was and got this great shot. (Photo by Kelly)

The beach was covered in what could best be described as top soil, washing up from the bay (runoff from the Mississippi, maybe?). So my initial thought for an open water swim was scuttled, but we did enjoy the sun, flew a kite and had a lot of girl talk while the boys fished. (Left photo by Kelly)

Post beach time was grill time! Josh did a great job on beef ribs, sausage, and peppers and onions. Very delicious! (Photo by Kelly)


Top right: Shakes and floats from the cool dinner in New Iberia where we stopped for dinner on the way down. Bottom right: There were definitely S'mores on Saturday night. Bottom left: Beef ribs, potato salad and baked beans, just part of Saturday's dinner. Top left: Saturday breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits and pico de gallo. Yum! (top left and bottom photos by Kelly)

The gang -- (from left) Frank, Meghan, Christina, Josh, Me, Brent and Kelly. (Photo by Kelly)

And then Frank asked Meghan to marry him and she said yes! We happened to have two bottles of champagne on hand, thanks to Christina who doesn't travel without bubbly. Toasts were said, the ring was examined and many wishes for happiness were uttered! (Photo by Christina)

The weekend was generally fabulous. Okay, we didn’t catch any fish (they weren’t biting this weekend) and some of us got sunburned, but we relaxed, had fun and played lots of rounds of Apples to Apples. We drove home Sunday and I spent the rest of the day chilling. Big thanks to Kelly for letting me use her fabulous photos. I completely forgot to pack my camera! Must get better at carrying that thing around!

Monday, I started a new training program to add speed to my feet. More on that soon.

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