Goldenfliers 5 miler recap

Vital Stats:
Date: Saturday, November 19, 2011
Place: Baton Rouge
Total time: 56:45:00 (11:21/mile)

(Note: I’m going back in time to recap previous races).

I loved the bright yellow race bibs! Very cool design. Another highlight, the race bag included Goldenfliers long sleeve tee (I love long sleeved tees; I actually wear them!) and a Goldenfliers pint glass!

I signed up for the Goldenfliers 5 miler mostly because later that day would be first of two Thanksgiving dinners I would be indulging in that year. November was a rest month for me, coming off my biggest race to date, the VooDu Duathlon, and I knew I needed some motivation to get my behind moving ahead of the holidays.

Recovery from a big race on the second to last day of October coupled with a cold meant I had barely been out for a run in the two weeks before the race.

Goldenfliers started on LSU’s campus and took us around University Lake and City Park Lake. The 10-mile version completed the race twice. It is ground I run a lot, so the race was familiar, but not overly interesting. It was a nice morning – cool to start, but then sunny and a little warm.

The 10-milers started 15 minutes before the 5-milers, and yes, within the first two miles I had already been lapped by 10-mile leader. Story of my racing career.

Also, can I just say that while, yes, Baton Rouge is generally flat, the LSU lakes ARE NOT and I really wish race directors would stop advertising races that cover those miles as flat. You can see from the Map My Run elevation that the Goldenfliers race course had a starting elevation of 40 feet and a final elevation of 72 feet, with a 89 foot gain. Not much in most places, I’m sure, but it counts as hills in south Louisiana!

It was a good race and I finished in 56:45:00, or 11:21/mile, my fastest race per mile of any length until the 2012 Mardi Gras Mambo 10K. It’s awesome to look back and see myself getting faster!

Pecan pie and apple pie cupcakes at Friendsgiving.

Yes, we did tequila shots out of champagne glasses.

And since all my race recaps include a post race meal – I nibbled on the Serranos’ chicken lime soup (one of my all-time favorites) and headed home to start cooking! My friends and I were getting ready to blow each other away with the best Thanksgiving foods we could come up with. Highlights: smoked, sous vided and fried turkey (yes, all to one turkey), ratatouille, stuffed bell peppers, asian chicken legs, sweet potato soup, bacon-seared Brussels sprouts, pecan pie, apple pie cupcakes and more!

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