Bumper Stickers and Medal Displays

My "I rocked 13.1" sticker on my car.

I finally got around to putting my “I rocked 13.1” bumper sticker on my car this morning. I found it during a very embarrassing incident in which Josh had to dig under my car seat and came up with the sticker, a couple of Diet Coke cans, straw wrappers, etc. I made him stop since I have no idea what else is down there. Speaking of, I must remember to go back and clean out the chicken strip he dropped down there. (It was yard work day and we made a Cane’s run to fuel up!)

I decided to just put on my car the a little cheesy, hard to see sticker that came in my RnRNOLA swag bag for now. For reasons I can’t entirely explain, I want one of the oval “13.1” stickers for my actual bumper, but can’t bring myself to buy one until I complete two half marathons. Weird, right? It’s like I can’t really call myself a half marathoner until I’ve two under my belt. I’ve got my eye on Rock and Roll San Antonio, so hopefully it will happen before the year is out.

Shadowbox with all my significant medals from 2011/early 2012

Speaking of bumper stickers and display, let me show y’all what I’ve done with my medals from the past year. This shadowbox is part of a gallery wall in my TV room and represents all the major milestone of my first year of racing. At top left is my RocketChix II medal and bib, my first triathlon (which I’ll get around to writing a race recap sometime soon), below it is my medal from my first 10K ever, the Mardi Gras Mambo on February 5, 2011. That race was a turning point for me. Suddenly, I could run farther than just a couple of miles. Since then, I’ve run farther and faster than I ever thought possible. Next to it on the bottom (all dark) is my Rouge Orleans Ultramarathon Relay medal. It doesn’t get much play in the shadowbox, but it definitely has a special place in my heart. And at the top right is my Rock and Roll New Orleans medal and bib! I’m so proud of that one.

Now, the question is what to do with future medals? I’ve already got another Mardi Gras Mambo 10k medal, from the 2012 race this year. I’m registered for RocketChix II again, as well as a shorter du that probably won’t have medals, and I’m definitely planning to run another half mary this year… How to display those medals?

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3 Responses to Bumper Stickers and Medal Displays

  1. I like the shadow box idea for race memorabilia. Have you seen the race bling hangers? They’re kind of cute!

    Btw- I say get the sticker now! One means you are a half marathoner!

    • ldeblieux says:

      Ooh, those hangers are so cool! I’ll have to do so many races to fill one up (no complaints here).

      Thanks for the positive thoughts on being a half marathoner. It still feels very cool to say I ran a half!

  2. Me thinks you need a custom display that says “Slow Trier” –> http://katierunsthis.com/2011/11/01/gifts-for-runners-part-i/


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