This is why Slow Trier is slow…

Amazing weekend here in Baton Rouge. Although the weekend was only a couple of days, my fun started Thursday night and continued through Tuesday night. Suffice it to say that workouts were few and far between this weekend. Thursday night date night started with more sushi than two people should eat and ended with one of my favorite bands in concert at the River Center, the Avett Brothers. Friday started with a bang with a delicious crepe lunch.

Avett Brothers concert Thursday night, followed by a shrimp and grits crepe on Friday for lunch. (When in Louisiana, eat seafood on Fridays during Lent.)

The Zolia Bistro specialty cocktail menu. The tapas are also fabulous.

The fun continued Friday night with Happy Hour at my new favorite downtown restaurant, Zolia Bistro (try the Mr. Henry cocktail), followed by a HUGE dinner at the Kingfish (tasty!).

It was a late night that ended in an 11:00 p.m. grocery store run to get mimosa ingredients for Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day Wearin’ of the Green parade, one of the most fun days in Baton Rouge. The parade starts at 10:00 a.m., but the party starts long before that. We were at our friends’ house by 8:30 and started drinking almost immediately. Just watch out for green beads+ sunscreen. You will end up scrubbing green residue off your skin! Oh, and if you get the chance – try pink grapefruit juice in your mimosa instead of OJ. You will not be disappointed!

Josh and me before the parade and me and the girls during the parade.

A black velvet (homebrew stout plus champagne) and the pre-parade breakfast spread. My friend lives on the parade route and throws a hell of a party. Credit to Kelly for the St. Paddy's pictures.

The LSU Lady Tigers take on Penn State during Round 2 of the NCAA Women's Tournament. The game was incredibly exciting; the teams traded off the lead a dozen times or more, but Penn State finally pulled ahead and won 90-80 at the end. Great season for the Lady Tigers and first year coach Nikki Caldwell, who gave birth just two weeks before the tourney started.

Serious yard work on Sunday made up for some of the weekend of sloth, but we made up for it with more fun Sunday and Tuesday, when the LSU Lady Tigers took on San Diego State in the first round of the NCAA Women’s Tournament on Sunday and Penn State in the second round on Tuesday night. Both games were incredibly exciting and big thanks to my aunt DeDe for scoring some great seats for Josh and me! Unfortunately, LSU fell to Penn State, but it was a great return to the tourney after not appearing last year.

So, yes, this is why the slow trier is slow. Sometimes she forgoes Sunday long runs and doesn’t get that swim workout in because there is just too much else going on. I’m hitting the gym tonight, though, after a failed attempt on Monday (15 minutes on the treadmill left me nauseous and weak, probably from an overfilled weekend and not enough fuel). This weekend looks to be a little calmer, though; I think the only thing on my plate is my niece’s t-ball game (who doesn’t love watching 4-year-olds play organized sports?) and girl’s night. Also, long bike ride currently planned with Josh for Sunday!

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