11 Things About Me

My mom and I in Hawaii last June.

My mom and I in Hawaii last June.

Woo hoo! My first “You’re a blogger!” recognition. Katie, at KatieRUNSthis, tagged me in an “11 Things About Me” post. This is a great chance to introduce myself to the Internet, so let’s check it out. My things are definitely not limited to exercise, triathlons, fitness, etc.


  • Post 11 random things about yourself.
  • Answer the questions set for you in their post.
  • Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer. (Don’t just write “you are tagged if you are reading this.” You must legitimately tag 11 people.)
  • Go to their blogs and tell them you’ve tagged them.

11 Random Things About Me

  1. I am a grammar/writing style nerd and I will edit things in my head as I read them.
  2. I went to boarding school for two years during high school, the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts. It was a great experience.
  3. I love dresses and scarves; I live in sundresses in the summer and scarves in winter.
  4. I’m an anglophile; I love Doctor Who, Dowtown Abbey, Top Gear, BBC, British accents, fish and chips, etc., but I’ve never been to Britain. Need to fix that one day.
  5. Finishing my first triathlon and my first half marathon made me prouder than any school/career accomplishment ever.
  6. Broken bones really creep me out.
  7. I don’t regularly talk to any of my friends from high school if they aren’t on Facebook.
  8. My favorite city in the world is New Orleans.
  9. I love to run and swim, but am currently finding my social life is making it hard to schedule workouts. Woe is me, I know.
  10. I’ve only lived in three cities in my life – Baton Rouge, West Monroe, Baton Rouge again, Dallas and Baton Rouge for the third time.
  11. My family and I spend HOURS playing cards when we are together.


  • What is your long run “must have” item?
    Gu and tunes. Sometimes I think the Gu is as much a mental boost as a physical one. Just knowing I have additional fuel to take in helps me keep going. As far as music, it’s a requirement on every run, even though I did finish RnRNOLA half without listening to any music.
  • What race is at the very top of your bucket list?
    The Crescent City Classic. It’s the Saturday before Easter every year in New Orleans. However, my mom has declared Easter “her holiday” and my presence is required in North Louisiana, so who knows when I’ll actually be able to race it.
  • If you were not into running, what other sport might you be interested in?
    Swimming and biking! I’m a triathlete, after all!
  • What is the highest mileage week you have ever had?
    Probably Rouge Orleans 2012 week. I only ran one other time that week, but 21.5 miles + a 3.3 mile taper run equals high mileage for me!
  • What is one thing about you that if you told someone they would look at you like you were nuts?
    I usually get weird looks when I tell people the foods I don’t like (pecans, almonds, nuts in general, yellow mustard, ketchup, strong vinegar tastes, pickles, etc.)
  • What is one thing that scares the living daylights out of you?
    Cockroaches and broken bones.
  • What is your favorite article of clothing?
    The brown leather boots I got on vacation in Germany in 2008. They leather is soft and supple, the heel is low, but not boring and they feel so amazing. I want 12 more pairs.
  • Do you have any tattoos?
    Nope! And I don’t see ever getting one, although I often think about what I would do and where I would put it. I’m so fickle about clothes/style, though, so I can’t see doing something quite so permanent to my body.
  • What is the grossest thing you have ever eaten?
    Well, I probably swallowed a couple of bugs last night on my bike ride? Really, though, as I kid I used to stick my finger in the margarine tub and just grab some to suck on, which now grosses me out for multiple reasons (Nasty fingers in the tub! Real butter FTW! Margarine by itself? Ew!)
  • As a runner, do you have any rituals? Like a pre-race meal or race-day system?
    A long run or race doesn’t feel right without a breakfast of Greek yogurt, fruit and honey.
  • What is your lucky number?
    If you forced me to answer, I’d probably say 15, my birthdate, but I really don’t have one.

New Questions:

  1. Favorite movie and book?
  2. Morning person or night owl?
  3. Facebook or Twitter?
  4. What’s your dream job?
  5. Favorite sports team?
  6. Biggest pet peeve?
  7. Favorite cocktail?
  8. Favorite race?
  9. Favorite vacation?
  10. Favorite dessert?
  11. Look back five or 10 years. Are you where you’d thought you’d be now?


So, as a little baby new blogger (one week so far), I’m cheating and going with the “if you are reading this you are tagged!” Let me know in comments if you have already or will do this challenge!

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