Ready to bike and swim again!

I spent the winter focusing on running since I consider it my weakest area and also because I signed up for my first half marathon and desperately needed to train for that. So biking and swimming took a backseat, although I did try to hit a few yoga classes. A combination of bad weather and other circumstances (Rouge Orleans recovery, minor fender bender) meant I missed more Wednesday night bike rides than I made. Long runs on Sundays meant that weekend bike rides with Josh were basically out after January.

Now that running season is in the books, I’m so ready to bike and swim again. I’ve swam exactly twice since SEPTEMBER (bad, bad triathlete), despite how much I love it, and longer bike rides will be a big part of my spring and summer as I prepare for my first MS150. My longest bike ride to date is 20 miles, so two days of biking 75 miles apiece is the same kind of mountain I faced when I signed up for 13.1 miles with only a 10k under my belt. Definitely need training to increase stamina and confidence. I’m already registered for one sprint duathlon in June (2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run) and one sprint triathlon (350 m swim, 12 mile bike, 2 mile run), so I definitely have races to train for.

Goal this week — swim, bike and run at least once each. Tonight, it’s run and weights. Plan is bike on Wednesday and swim on Thursday (hopefully). Wish me luck!

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